About Us

Corporate America by day and innovative maker by night. Welcome to our website. I have always been passionate about creating and building. Thirty years ago, a friend presented me with a hammer as a gift and said, "go build something". So, I took their advice and with the help of loving family and friends, I designed and built my first home. My journey has taken several different paths since then, but I have always remained true to my passion. Over the years, I have handcrafted many projects, both big and small, for families and friends to cherish. After much persistence from loved ones to never give up on pursuing my passion, I am proud to extend my craft and bring you some unique and special handmade wood items for your home or business. Understanding each piece of wood and how to best use all of its unique characteristics such as grain pattern, sapwood, color variation and knots are what make our products special. From our shop to your home.
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